Landing Page: Intervention 2010

You have found the landing page for the Enabler ad in the Intervention 2010 program book.

Let me finish the story, I was at Bennigan's in Greenbelt... #BSR

Don't worry, the episode of BSR titled "Radio Free Intervention" will be available for download soon and then the comment above will make some amount of sense.

Curious about what this means? Take a guess... Or ask the DJ...

At Bomb Shelter Radio, we strongly believe in:
(Yes, it is heavily summarized)

We have started adding content from Intervention!  It took us long enough...

  1. Go to to grab a copy of the slide deck for the session titled On The Internet They Can Hear You Scream... Live! A recording of the session is in the process of being edited and will be available in the next day or so.
  2. A MP3 recording of the talk is now available at
Intervention Shout outs

Our first shout-out goes to our good friends at Foam Brain Games. They were nice enough to let us invade their board gaming space for the "Radio Free Intervention" broadcast. They went above and beyond when they loaned us their network connectivity when ours failed during the broadcast.

Looking for a GREAT online retailer of gaming products? Foam Brain Games is the place to go. The only thing they do not sell is edible dice... yet...

Shout-out Two: So the pink square over on the right SHOULD be blinking the words "SEX" (pause) "DRUGS" (pause) "JUNE CLEAVER" (pause) "NOT YOUR MAMA'S WEB COMIC". It is an animated GIF, a technology that dates back to about the time Ben Franklin invented the stove... before he went to New Brunswick for the whoring and the drinking. Well, for reasons not known to Illya, my ISP disabled the hosting of animated GIFs. There are some evil things on this hear Internet thing.

Back to the fscking shout-out... So, I actually got to have a geek out fan-boy moment at Intervention when I got to chat with Bree, the artist behind Sex, Drugs and June Cleaver at the NERD table. Put simply, her comic rocks and you should go read it NOW. Then read Ami's comic as well. Then send me a lot of money...