How to Run a Business Meeting – The Correct Way

How to Run a Meeting – The Correct Way


Steve Jobs has been a brilliant tech entrepreneur ever since the day he was born. He has always had a passion for technology and innovation. All of his goals were about changing the world for the better. If there was one thing he was the best at, it was running a meeting. Not many other managers and CEOs could run a meeting like he could.


How to Run a Meeting

Jobs started taking innovative early in his career. He wasn’t just about to wait around and watch others do what he dreamed of. He started working on products in his basement either by himself or with his one trusted friend/business partner.

There have always been mixed opinions about Steve Job’s personality and career moves. Some hated him as a person, while others thought he was the greatest human to ever live.

Regardless of your opinion of him, you can’t deny what he has done in the short time he lived on this planet. He grew one of the biggest tech companies on the planet known as Apple. Apple specializes in all kinds of different software and hardware. Even today they are still working on expanding their market.

Jobs had a bit of a rocky start during the beginning stages of his career. He was really struggling when coming up with products and working with other employees. Some say he was known for being rather cruel towards his fellow employees. He was eventually voted out of the company in 85′. Without any setbacks he went on to find NeXT.


Steve Jobs at NeXT

NeXT was a technology company that focused mainly on making high-powered computers. Shortly after his talents were discovered, members of Apple decided to leave and join Jobs on his new journey. This really showed how much people believed in him.

During his transition his abilities to run a good meeting began to show. Here is what he did well.

1) Show your passion to the audience


Engage your audience

Nothing can be more of a drag than a poor presentation. This is the part where you are supposed to draw the audience in and make connections. Job was known as an excellent presenter by many. His introductory skills and confidence made for perfect entertainers. This could be a result from his great sales skills. This man could practically sell anything and people would buy it.

Jobs would play repetition well in his presentations. He would be sure not to make the same statement over and over again, but also make sure that he would highlight importance to specific points. Jobs was an enthusiastic speaker despite not being the greatest people person. Most of us know how hard it is to present in front of a group of people. Let alone be enthusiastic. Everything he said and did looked natural. He is passionate about what he believes in and is not afraid to share that information.

2) Establishing Value


Establishing Value

The overall purpose of creating a new product or service is to understand the value it adds. How can it improve individuals’ lives? What makes it unique from other products? When you are an entrepreneur, there is no better feeling that creating a product that changes individuals live for good. Steve Jobs was one of those entrepreneurs.

He completely changed the way we communicate and carried technology. He lived to make everything more portable and convenient. He imagined that there would be multiple technology products in the house versus just one. Jobs made technology lighter and smaller to knock off the big bulky heavy desktops we used to have.

3) Challenge the Team to Become Better


Challenge your employees

In order to keep rolling out new innovative products, one needs to be willing to work hard researching buying habits and making new innovative products. Success on one product should only be a motivation for the next. You want to already be planning years in advance. Jobs did this perfectly. He was always looking for new ways to change up technology. If it was not perfect he would through it in the trash and tell his employees to start over.

4) Keep Everyone on the Same Page


Keep Everyone Informed

It is important when running a business to have everyone on the same road to success. Everyone should be sharing the same vision. When everyone has different ideas at a meeting then arguments start to break out and nothing gets done. Part of the reason that Jobs came back to Apple was everyone wanting to join in on his brilliant plans.

5) Know When to Interrupt a Conversation at a Meeting


Interrupt a presentation

It is very important to know when to interrupt someone speaking. It is not only rude, but wastes valuable time too. Steve Jobs was very good at listening to speakers during a meeting. He would patiently wait about twenty minutes and then interrupt when the person speaking rambles on too much.

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