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BOMB SHELTER RADIO is a weekly radio show featuring "Awful Music" and "IncoheRANT Talk" (Typo Intended). The shows comes to you live and direct from an Undisclosed Location near Washington, DC, USA.
Our "Awful Music" consists of Classic Rock, Comedy, Broadway and anything else we think is fun. "We" includes you, our finely crafted listener! We take requests, suggestions and threats seriously!
Our "IncoheRANT Talk" is a discussion of science, technology, current events and politics slanted towards comedy and slanted against stupidty.
One of the distinguishing features of the show is that the DJ interacts live with the audience via Instant Messenger and other means. Another distinguishing feature is that despite seven years of practice, the DJ still makes a lot of mistakes. Oddly enough, that makes the show better.
I hope you will give us a listen!
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Yesterday, in Boston, we saw the best of America

posted Apr 16, 2013, 2:26 PM by John McMahon

16 April 2013
There is little I can add to the planetary collective of thoughts with regards to Boston.
Strength, Bravery, Courage,  Heroism... we saw that, and much more, on Boylston Street, yesterday. That positive effort will carry us through to tomorrow, and tomorrow beyond that. Yes, it will continue to be a dangerous world, but we are Americans... we do what is right... and we will prevail.
On a different note, folks know that your DJ has a few old grudges against Boston... OK, against a bunch of people in Boston. It is time to put those grudges aside. Except for the Patriots, I'm not rooting for them!
Furthermore, our next broadcast will be under a different name (see below) as a show of support to the land of the Haymarket, the Bruins, Lexington, DEC and the missing "A" branch.

$HOME is where you listen to #BSR

posted Feb 28, 2013, 2:53 PM by John McMahon   [ updated Feb 28, 2013, 2:57 PM ]

Today was one of THOSE days. I just had to take two of my favorite characters from Tatsuya Ishida's Sinfest and have them come home to listen to BSR. The original artwork is here. I apologize profusely to Mr. Ishida for hacking his excellent comic.

Intervention '12 - Now with more cowbell...

posted Feb 28, 2013, 2:39 PM by John McMahon

The last few days have been very rough. I am really looking forward to Intervention this upcoming weekend.

NYC Subway Tunnel/Bridge Translation Guide

posted Nov 2, 2012, 11:30 AM by John McMahon

I'm a train geek, and I get these wrong all the time...
Since NYC officials are referring to the tunnels/bridges by name when discussing NYC Subway restoration, I thought it might be helpful to provide a quick chart to explain what trains each named bridge/tunnel handles.
(RFK/Triborough Bridge)
63rd Street Tunnel - F/M Lines - 6th Avenue ex-IND
(Roosevelt Island Tramway)
60th Street Tunnel - N/Q/R Lines - Broadway ex-BMT
(Ed Koch Queensboro/59th Street Bridge)
53rd Street Tunnel - E Line - 8th Avenue ex-IND
53rd Street Tunnel - M Line - 6th Avenue ex-IND
Steinway Tunnel - 7 Line - 42nd St-Flushing ex-IRT
(Queens Midtown Tunnel)
(East River Tunnels - LIRR and Amtrak)
14th Street Tunnel - L Line - 14th St-Canarsie ex-BMT
Williamsburg Bridge - J/Z Lines - Nassau Street ex-BMT
Williamsburg Bridge - M Line - Sixth Avenue ex-IND
Rutgers St Tunnel - F Line - Sixth Avenue ex-IND 
Manhattan Bridge - B/D Lines - Sixth Avenue ex-IND
Manhattan Bridge - N/Q Lines - Broadway ex-BMT
(Brooklyn Bridge)
Cranberry St Tunnel -  A/C Lines - Eighth Avenue ex-IND
Clark St Tunnel - 2/3 Lines - Broadway/7th Ave ex-IRT
Montague St Tunnel - R Line - Broadway ex-BMT
Joralemon St Tunnel - 4/5 Lines - Lexington/East Side ex-IRT
(Hugh Carey/Brooklyn Battery Tunnel)
I hope this is of use to folks. Stay strong!

2012-09-14 Another "scene we would like to see"

posted Sep 14, 2012, 8:09 AM by John McMahon

Awful Music and Incoherant Talk Ahead

2012-09-14 National Stay Away From Seattle Day and SUBRATS

posted Sep 14, 2012, 7:53 AM by John McMahon

Sorry, no funny punchline. Apparently this holiday has some traction...
From the Hallmark Channel Ultimate Holiday Site"Because frankly Seattle doesn't want you coming around, stinking up the joint. And last time you tracked mud all over the carpet and some of the special occasion dinnerware went missing. Seattle will let you know when it's ready to see you again. Until then, keep your distance. You think we're kidding but really this day was championed by Seattle residents tired of sharing their space with tourists."
From SeattlePI, "Monday — in case you don’t have your calendar marked already — is Stay Away From Seattle Day. That’s apparently the day when we defend Seattle’s honor against Californians, Texans, Canadians and any other undesirable types who might move here and drive too fast on our freeways."
In slightly more useful news, I've been playing SUBRATS by White Shoe Media on the IPad. This game, reminiscent of Frogger (showing my age here), has you saving rats from the onslaught of Subway trains and other user unfriendly elements down in the tunnels. Graphics and Sound are top notch. You can give it a try for free!  Check it out in the App Store.

2012-09-11 - 09/11/2001 08:13:52 Boston Center: American 11, climb maintain level three five zero

posted Sep 11, 2012, 11:00 PM by John McMahon   [ updated Sep 14, 2012, 8:11 AM ]

I took some time today to reread some of the audio transcripts from that terrible day eleven years ago. I was fighting off tears as I imagined how a great many people tried to stop the madness and sadly did not succeed.  It still hurts and I expect it will for some time to come. I'm OK with that. If that is the price of remembering and honoring the people who passed on and the people who survived then I am willing to pay it. 

As you might know, I rolled out a new opening for the show last week. What you may not know is that during the sequence where chunks of "Two Tribes" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood is playing there is a second audio track playing as well. The second track is the Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS) ordering the launch of fighters from Otis AFB at 08:45:55 on 9/11/2001. I'm not sure exactly why I picked that particular clip, but I felt the merging of that with the music from Two Tribes produced something new. A combination of the messages that "War is unthinkable" and "We will not lie down and allow ourselves to be crushed by evil". It is the paradox of war in the 21st century or any century for that matter. Until the human race grows up enough to respect the views of all some of us will have to continue to defend ourselves. Which means war, no matter how awful, will continue to be necessary.

I hope within our lifetime the paradox is resolved peacefully.


2012-09-09 Intervention '12 Update

posted Sep 9, 2012, 12:23 AM by John McMahon   [ updated Sep 14, 2012, 8:13 AM ]

We have started assembling everything for Intervention '12. In fact, we have a photo of some key technology being readied for the convention.

Folks from last year will recognize these as some of the objects we throw in our Illegal Jarts Tourney.

Two weeks to Intervention, I can't wait!

Hope to see you there,

2012-08-30 Intervention 2012 Programming Note

posted Aug 30, 2012, 2:55 PM by John McMahon   [ updated Sep 14, 2012, 8:13 AM ]

Radio Free Intervention

Join us for a live broadcast of Bomb Shelter Radio. Look over the console while the show is going, ask the DJ technical and style questions, request a song, sit down at a microphone, suggest a news story. Bring your laptop and see what is going on in our chat room and Twitter. This session is part performance, part Q&A and massively unstructured.

2012-08-23 This one time at Bennigan's ...

posted Aug 23, 2012, 1:49 PM by John McMahon   [ updated Sep 14, 2012, 8:15 AM ]

The title of this post is a running gag from the Bomb Shelter Radio broadcast at the first Intervention in 2010.
You are coming to Intervention 2012 right? You should head over to http://interventioncon.com/ right now and register. The drop us a line at illya@bomb-shelter-radio.com so you can be invited to the weird secret events we hold at the convention. THIS JUST IN: You will not need to bring a live chicken to attend the party this year. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR FILES!
Anyway, about Bennigan's... The restaurant from that story is long since gone, it was located near NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. The nearest Bennigan's is in South Jersey at the moment, but according to http://bennigans.com/locations/coming-soon/ there will be one in the Greater DC Co-Prosperity Sphere sometime soon. Queue the track where Bill Engvall explaining about the word "Awesome".
By the way, it is Thursday... We will be on the air at 8PM... Please join us!

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